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About us


The origin of the name "Dusk Factor"
We believe dusk is a cursed time, and all evil spirits and ghosts will appear in the sky at this time. Those who walk alone on the road will be confused and lose their souls.

Dusk Factor has chosen black or low-saturation colours as the base colour for its website, trying to create a magical world of faith and freedom, sometimes sombre, sometimes manic, sometimes elegant, sometimes reckless, all of which have a black impact on your senses.

Dusk Factor, a contemporary niche culture, has perfected the gothic punk appeal with its studded and black collection. The combination of metal and leather is in line with the youth trend.

Dusk Factor will offer you a great shopping experience with products that are cost effective and popular, while dusk factor will open up new directions in the future.

Dusk Factor is focused on developing products that bring comfort and convenience to your fashion life. Founded in 2021, has been specializing in unique products for goth and punk. 


(1)High-Quality products

The door of shopping, as a brand striving to provide customers with the best products, carefully selects top-quality supplies at the best prices. 

(2)Comprehensive product categories

With over 2,000 factory partners, we are adding and improving relevant product categories and we have large items of PU bracelets and collars to provide users with a wide range of shopping options.

(3)Strict Quality Inspection

We have strict Quality Inspection before shipping, ensuring all products meet a consistent quality standard and users' requirements.

(4)Fast and Free shipping

We provide a Free Global Delivery service covering 200+ countries and regions.

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